A T-shirt is the staple clothing for a man. T-shirts are effortlessly wearable and are super comfortable to carry all day long. But many men are confused about how to buy the best-fitted t-shirt that enhances their personality. So, here we talk about the top 9 tips for men to buy the best t-shirt.

Here we begin –

  1. Tips for choosing the size

      One looks smart in well-fitted clothes. A T-shirt should not be too tight or too baggy. The sleeve seams should fall where the shoulder ends and not below that. And the sleeves should cover half of your upper arm if it's not a full-sleeved one. The length should cover your waistband but not fall beyond covering your hips. So when you raise your hands, your belly won't be visible. The T-shirt should fit your upper torso but be loose at your midriff. 
  2. Collar/Neckline 

    The T-shirt with a collar can be worn for semi-formal occasions. It's best for your golf sessions, office parties, etc. These T-shirts look good on anybody. Just make it a point the collar is not too small for your face. Next come the crew cut (round) and V-shape necklines. If you are slim, you can wear the classic crew cut neckline as it gives the illusion of broad shoulders. But if you're on the heavier side, do opt for a V-shape neckline as it makes your neck look narrow. 
  3. Material 

    In warm countries, it's best to buy 100% cotton T-shirts as they are relaxed, soft, and natural. Cotton feels relaxing against our skin. You can even go for a 50-50 blend of cotton and polyester for your T-shirts. But buy them for winters, not scorching summers. 
  4. Thickness 

    The T-shirt should have a good fall and not be too thick. Thick ones restrict our body movements. Don't even go for too-thin ones as they look like an undershirt. A T-shirt with medium thickness looks most graceful.
  5. Select colors that suit you 

    Universally favorite colors like Black, white, navy blue, and grey suit everybody and can be worn for any casual outing. If your skin undertone is fair, a pink or peach-colored T-shirt will look fabulous, and if you are a bit dusky, colors like olive, green, and mustard yellow will enhance your persona. 
  6. Graphic Tees 

    The rule says a T-shirt looks more casual if it has an extensive and bold graphic design. And if you want to wear your T-shirt to an office party but something that is plain or has a faded, small graphic design. 
  7. Rule out big brand logo prints 

    T-shirts with big logo prints at the back or front do not look appealing. One should avoid them.
  8. Graffiti and Slogans prints 

    You can go for the weirdest of the slogans and wackiest graffiti designs if you wear the T-shirt to your private parties. But for any public event, the slogans can be funny but must have some decency.  
  9. Printed T-shirts 

    These are in trend these days. Just buy them!

Expensive or not, your T-shirt can make you look handsome if the fit and color suit your body type and personality. Follow these above tips to buy the best ones for yourself.