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Why Cotton Villa


Supima a Rare Breed of Cotton is unlike anything you’ve ever worn. Grown in perfect Weather & Conditions, its fibres grow 50% longer, giving it’s unbelievable softness. So whether checking in at the airport or checking out at the supermarket, you’ll be comfy wherever you go.

Why Cotton Villa


25 fresh and vibrant colours for men and 9 for women, so you can wear a different one each day for a couple weeks. And we dye them with High IQ dyes—the best in the industry—so the colours will stay vibrant weeks upon weeks.

Why Cotton Villa


We take a fine count Supima yarn and knit it tightly to make our beautiful, lustrous fabric that feels amazing on your skin. Wear it to a board game party or to your next all-hands meet, this is a tee that looks as good as it feels.

Why Cotton Villa


We collected and analysed size data of 135 brands to arrive at an ideal fit for each size. We further refined that by making samples and having people try them on. Loose enough to chill in, yet tight enough to look good doing it, our tees fit just right.

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The Cotton Villa - Your Fashion Stop

Fashion is a tricky thing; one can never be sure what they are interested in goes out of trend immediately after purchase. You can never be early or late when it comes to picking up the latest fashion clothes. No, you need to be at the right time. You also need a partner that can deliver you the latest fashion wear at the right time. And the partner that you have been looking for all along is The Cotton Villa.

We are a modern clothing company that not only is in the loop when it comes to fashion trends, but we make personal, comfortable clothing that one can wear everywhere at any time. After all, what is the point of luxury clothing when you have to be choosy of the occasion? We offer exclusivity with our simplicity. Scroll through our wide range of clothing for men and women and get ready to be amazed by what we have to offer. We ensure you get the best collection on our website. Place your order for your favorite wear and have it delivered to your doorsteps in just a couple of days.


Excellent stitching and good color and nice fitting

Sumit Mangal

Excellent favourite decent

Monu Rana

Excellent fabric and decent color.

Yamini Gupta

Nice Colors and Fabric fiting awasome

Rajesh Verma

Really Good Feel after wear and Nice colors

Abhijeet Kulshrestha

Superb Amazing Fitting and Colors Simply I Love It.

Manish Chaturvedi

Excellent Customer Service 👌 Must Buy

Manish Sharma

Awesome..! Colors and Fabric Cool

Jalaj Pathak

Febrics is good with incredible collection

Manish Shrivastava