Women’s ways of wear a basic t-style outfit

Women’s wear basic t-style outfit

A cool T-shirt is the easiest way for a woman to look adorable and chic for her college, office, evening out, or shopping trips. Well-chosen T-shirts can be pillar support of your wardrobe. A woman should have t-shirts of various types like plain, striped, graffiti, slogans, crystal-studded, printed, etc.

But the point is you are not sure what will look good on you. You get confused about what goes with what. We understand you don’t want to look sloppy wearing a T-shirt but just the opposite – fashionable and quite presentable. So, here are some clever yet cool tips for wearing T-shirts that upgrade your style quotient.

Here we go 

  1. Throw on a black jacket

     A trendy-looking jacket flatters every body type. And it never goes out of fashion. Keep it open or half-closed, and it’s your call. To look chic, pair it with black jeans. If you wear a white or light-colored tee, the whole outfit looks more fabulous.
  2. Put on a colorful or embroidered jacket/blazer

    If you want a more feminine look for a coffee date or an evening party, you can club your t-shirt with a printed blazer or a denim jacket with embroidery. They instantly make you look fashionable yet elegant at the same time. 
  3. Pair it with blue denim jeans

    This look is the most casual one but the most preferred one. Women look so adorable wearing it. You can pair it with heels to glam up your look or remain with sneakers for a relaxed feel. Even casual jackets look good with it.  
  4. Wear a shirt on it

    Dooming a lovely shirt on your plain t-shirt will instantly give you a street-smart look. Your shirt can be plain black, checked, or printed; everything will look chic with a basic tee.
  5. A well-fitted t-shirt with casual pants

    If you are a slim woman and can carry a well-fitted tee, you can team it up with casual pants for evening clubbing. Add strappy heels to this look. 
  6. Wear it with a mini skirt

    Want to look sexy? Team your cool t-shirt with a mini skirt to get a glamorous look for the day. This cool is best for your girl-gang parties, a romantic date, beach holiday, or just a shopping trip at a city mall. 

  7. Team it with a pleated skirt 

    Do you know pleated skirts are back in fashion? These skirts add fun to your wardrobe and can be clubbed with a t-shirt. The dress can be short or mid-length; it will look fantastic with a t-shirt and sneakers. 
  8. Wear it with shorts 

     You can make it your summer staple outfit. Denim and cotton khaki shorts look super cool during summers. You can carry this look with anything - sneakers, sandals, flats, and heels. Put on sunglasses to look more fashionable. 

 Bright t-shirts always remain in vogue, and you can team them in so many exciting ways. Maintain a good collection of trendy tees in your wardrobe for all your parties and holidays.