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Ranak Chaudhuri
Reviewed Andamen

Andamen is a brand that is so unique, that you will instantly fall in love with their collection. The quality is premium, so if you can afford it, just go for it!

After you place an order, their personalised and excellent Customer Service will make you feel like a star all the way!


What Andamen does right: Quality, Quality and Quality. The pricing is not cheap, its not expensive. Personally its priced right for a quality conscious audience. I like the fact that you are niche and focus on the right areas (quality, design, class etc).

Vamsi Badugu

Finest quality fabrics and tailoring.

Shailesh Urankar
Sahil Prasad
Recommends Andamen

I came across Andamen through an LBB review. Gave it a shot. And boy I was in for a surprise. Wow! The way the fabric moves on your skin. Minor detailing from buttons under collar to mother of pearls buttons! Absolutely a different universe. I have to give it to the team who have been firing one beauty after another. This is plain orgasmic fashion. This is THE Gold Standard


"A beautiful mid-weight melange that's also incredibly versatile for day and evening wear."

Nikhil Madapu
Recommends Andamen

The fabric & fit is top class. Andamen never disappoints!


I have never felt so good about wearing a shirt which is pure INDIAN (for the most part at least). It gives me a sense of pride. You guys are at par or even above the international quality standards.

Akaash Seth

A company that invests time and money in creating a personal touch just so that the consumer ends up with the right size. That blew me away. I do not think any company in the world does this and what you guys have started is nothing short of a B2C revolution.

Akaash Seth
Abhishek Khanna
Recommends Andamen

Been regularly buying from them for about 15 months now. I've purchased over 10 shirts and replaced my entire wardrobe with their shirts. They're also my go-to brand for gift purchases. The customer service is fantastic too. I recently purchased a shirt whose fit I wasn't happy with. Vedika from their team took the return, got it altered and constantly updated me over the phone. Rare to see such customer service from an Indian company.
Looking forward to seeing the some high quality chinos , tshirts etc from them (and hopefully a loyalty scheme too!).

Zara plus Ted Baker plus Fabindia equals Andamen.

samundra biswas, mumbai

Chinos are very comfortable. I can see the amount of time and attention that have gone into it.

One of the most amazing buying expereience!

bhargav ram, delhi

Can't recommend the brand enough. From the shirts to the customer service, everything is premium quality. Absolutely in love with the designs. I asked the customer service to prioritize the delivery of my order since I was leaving the country in 4 days, and the order was delivered in 20 hours itself.

Ayaz Moez Ali
Nagaraj Baravani
Recommends Andamen

Started trying their shirts because I was fascinated by their designs and it was an Indian company. Now I almost exclusively wear Andamen. Quality/ Design/ Comfort/ Ethnic Touch and so many more reasons to try. And now they have chinos and more. Special thanks to Vedika for being awesome and helping me make my choices.

The brand stands for style, easy fashion yet very ethnic and most importantly - Indian. Each of these are experienced by the customer right from the word go. They have such a customer friendly website and shopping on it is a wonderful experience. Super collection to own and gift to near and dear ones - 'ANDAMEN - this is just the beginning !

Anshuman Pancholi
Rohit Sundararaman
Recommends Andamen

I've purchased over 10 shirts and replaced my entire wardrobe with their shirts . They're also my go-to brand for gift purchase.

Ameya Talanki
Reviewed Andamen

Just recieved my order of 4 shirts yesterday. I just love them. The fit, the quality, the stitching is just top notch. Andamen will be my go to brand for shirts from today, absolutely no doubts in that! Keep up the great work, hoping to replace my entire wardrobe with Andamen soon :-)


"What I love about Andamen’s popover shirt is the round-kurta neck, the fabric potli buttons and the silhouette."

My love for Mandarin Collars just got enriched. Very fine crisp cuts and such finishing finesse has added a feather on my wardrobe’s cap. Good job, Andamen!

bhartendu mihir

"In love with my new reusable tote bag by @andamenlife!"