linen-and-lavender What Is Linen?


The story of fine linen is intertwined with
the history of mankind.


Did you know that for millennia, linen has been associated with high civilization?

Linen goes back thousands of years and is one of the oldest textiles known to mankind. History has proved that linen can withstand years of wear and tear and is the strongest natural fiber. Linen has made its way through ages and geographical boundaries, and has evolved from being used in bandages to being a sign of aristocracy.

Linen History
Linen High End Fashion Fabric

Considered to be a noble fabric, a symbol of light and purity – Linen was an investment. One of the strongest textiles, it withstood the test of time and is synonymous with high end fashion in modern times.



Did you know that linen is the only plant textile fibre that actually originates in Europe?

Temperate oceanic climate and a rich soil characterizes the best flax growing soil in Europe. The long coastal belt has had a history of growing flax and producing the finest linen known to mankind. A magical balance of rain, cold and morning dew, in the lush green meadows of western Europe create for the ideal environment that leads to production of best flax fibers in the world.


Cultivation of Linen began thousands of years ago and through centuries, practice of making finest linen has become increasingly refined with more revolutionary innovations producing finer weaves than ever before and elevating the naturally breathable fabric to premium wear of modern times.

European flax cannot be duplicated anywhere else on the planet. Ask any fabric connoisseur! European linen fabric is one of its kind.

European Linen Fabric From European Flax

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