Linen Properties Linen Properties

Linen - The noble fibre

Linen is no ordinary fabric. It is like God’s gift to mankind. Perfected over generations, it is highly breathable, softens up as it ages and is an excellent choice for any weather.

  • Sheer VibrancySHEER VIBRANCY

    Linen adds a quintessential vibrancy to your wardrobe with colours that stand out and are suited for multiple occasions.

    Linen Club Fabric Sheer Vibrancy
  • Inimitable Feel FabricINIMITABLE FEEL

    The true feel of Linen Club linen can never be replicated, only imitated.

    Linen Club Inimitable Feel Fabrics
  • Meticulous WeaveMETICULOUS WEAVE

    The quality and detailing in the weave of the fabric is the product of the finest European looms and over 7 decades of expertise and constant improvement.

    Meticulous Weaved Linen Club Fabrics
  • Impeccable DesignIMPECCABLE DESIGN

    Our designers have always risen to the challenge of creating the most exemplary fashion forward designs that are exclusive.

    Linen Club Impeccable Design Fabrics
  • For A LifetimeFOR A LIFETIME

    Linen is known to be the strongest natural fiber that stands the test of time.

    Linen Club High Strength Fabrics
  • Moisture AbsorbentMOISTURE ABSORBENT

    Linen absorbs twice as much moisture as cotton, making it the "Most Thirsty Fabric".

    Linen Club Moisture Absorbent Fabrics
  • UV ProtectionUV PROTECTION

    Linen provides good sun protection and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

    Linen Club UV Protected Fabrics
  • Natural BreathingNATURAL BREATHING

    Linen is truly comfortable and easy to wear in every season. It is insulating in winter and breathable in summer, due to its thermoregulatory properties.

    Linen Club Natural Breathing Fabrics
  • Anti-BacterialANTI-BACTERIAL

    Linen is a "Healthy Fabric" because it is inherently anti-bacterial.

    Linen Club Anti Bacterial Fabrics